Review of Dia Zerva vs Hollywood – Silly Boxing

Review of Hit the MatDia Zerva vs Hollywood – Silly Boxing – 18 +18 = 32 mins

Dia is waiting for Hollywood and while she waits, she is talking trash about her being late. Hollywood sneaks up behind her and sucker punches her. A boxing battle ensuses and in not time they are knocking each other around in a silly, cartoony fashion, lots of back and forth action with plenty of silly knock downs and reactions as they mock each other. Both women are wearing down after getting knocked down a bunch and seeing stars as they clobber each other. Bellies get beaten, eyes are rolling and the ladies are struggling to stay standing. A final trade of big punches knocks both girls to the canvas for a double knockout.

Hit The Mat has done a few of these silly boxing vids in the past and this one is not only my new favorite, but also the longest one yet. The two parts of this vid combine to be 30+ minutes of non-stop, back and forth, goofy boxing action. There are tons and tons of knockdowns, as the girls find it pretty hard to stay on their feet. We get lots of silly faces as well, Hollywood is the clearly better then Dia for silly reactions, but Dia does make some great faces too. Another key thing that HTM likes to do with these kinds of vids is silly sound FXs. I can either take are leave the sound FXs, sometimes I feel they are a little distracting or overused, but sometimes it’s perfect and makes me laugh. Although I’m not a fan of vids ending in a double KO, it’s expected for this. I think all the HTM silly boxing vids end in double KOs. Overall, this is a huge over the top silly boxing vid with lots of great action and reactions. Both girls give us a fun show, so if you’re like me and just love this kind of ridiculousness, then this is definitely for you.

Overall Score: 9/10