Review of DESTINY OF THE BELT: part sixteen

Review of Sleeperkid’s World DESTINY OF THE BELT: part sixteen – 20 Mins

TaelerWe fade in on the lovely Taeler Hendrix stating that SHE should be the SKW champ, since she could EASILY make any girl on the roster tap out. In walks the ACTUAL champ (Sapphire) and decides to take Taeler on. She proposes a submissions vs knockouts match, with whoever scores the most destined to walk out with the belt. Taeler happily accepts and the girls square off. Sapphire instantly traps Taeler in an armlock but the seasoned pro flips out of it and returns the favor. The girls chain wrestle, going back and forth… each one taking control for a short while. Taeler manages to apply a full nelson and an STF, however, and Sapphire eventually slaps the mat… screaming her submission! The next round begins, with Taeler taking Sapphire into a headlock and a quick armlock, but Sapphire reverses, nailing an elbow strike to Taeler’s chest! Sapphire applies a dragon sleeper but Taeler reverses, trapping Sapphire in an ab stretch. She tosses the champ to the ground and applies a brutal boston crab! Sapphire uses her thighs to kick out, sending Taeler flying across the mats. Within seconds she has Taeler trapped in a brutal triangle chokeout! Taeler’s eyes roll as she fades into a deep knockout. The next round commences with Taeler unleashing some blows to Sapphire’s body… but the champ reverses with a blow to Taeler’s throat that stuns the pro! An iron claw follows, with Taeler succumbing to its effects. Her eyes flutter and roll as she falls asleep… leading to yet another point from Sapphire! After some arm checks, it’s confirmed! Taeler is OUT! The rounds follow, but Taeler is weak… and Sapphire uses it to her advantage. Sapphire dominates with a knee to the gut, punches to the jaw, and a brutal chop to the chest KO. She follows up with a double boot blood choke KO, a brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver KO (with Taeler convulsing on the mats), belly stomp, heart punch, twitching, and more. She delivers a low blow that stuns Sapphire, but it’s not enough. The champ takes her into a single handed blood flow choke, and a final sleeper hold KO tat slowly puts Taeler out for what might be entire night! With that, The winner… and still SKW champ: SAPPHIRE!

I love the good old story of the confident challenger defeated by the champ. Taeler’s lovely and extreme confidence almost pays off as she does actually get Sapphire to tap out, not once, but twice. Things do get suddenly out of control for poor Taeler as the champ powers through, taking over the match and utter destroying Taeler, leaving her KO’d and twitching after a great eyerolling struggle. What’s even better, even though there are breaks in between the rounds, Taeler continues to become more and more dazed, making her much easier to KO. I love Taeler’s cockiness, but her selling is even better. I did hope that she didn’t win any rounds at all, but her non-stop trash talking is totally worth watching her win those first few rounds. In the end, it another great Taeler squash, that’s easily worth checking out.

Overall Score: 9/10