Review of DESTINY OF THE BELT: part seventeen

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldDESTINY OF THE BELT: part seventeen – 22 Mins

RayLynWe fade in on Ray Lyn facing off against champ Sapphire…in a match for the belt!!!  Ray’s been acquiring some amazing wins as of late, and she’s SURE she’s gonna be able to take Sapphire down with speed and ease.  And it kinda DOES start that way, with Ray Lyn nailing clothelines, a massive super stunner, forearms to the skull, a swinging DDT, an X-Factor, belly blows, wall splash, a stinkface, and a flying butt slam to the skull that knocks Sapphire out!   A final and massive RKO ALMOST gets Ray Lyn the win…but Sapphire barely manages a kickout!  Frustrated, Ray Lyn grabs a handful of Sapphire’s hair only to take a sudden and brutal low blow that floors her!  Sapphire exhaustedly crawls over and knocks Ray out with a sleeper hold…only to collapse and slowly regain her strength!   The rage kicks in, and what follows is Sapphire taking out her anger on a very unlucky pro wrestler!!!   A complete destruction follows, leaving Ray completely out on the mats by the time Sapphire’s done taking her vengeance!

It awesome to see another well-known pro come through SKW and bring in some high energy, high impact action, more than we are used to seeing. One of my favorite thing about pros coming to SKW is they can all take some serious bumps and pull off some flashy moves. Ray Lyn definitely keep that pattern going as she delivers some really awesome moves to Sapphire and then takes some great moves in return. Ray Lyn is super charismatic and a ton of fun to watch. I actually enjoyed Sapphire losing for a bit there just because Ray was just so full of energy, she was almost running on the walls. She also manages to keep the energy on to her losing side giving some really fun selling. Impressive stuff her with a few good laughs too, the whole twerk attack thing was really funny. I hope Ray Lyn chooses to grace SKW with her presence again soon.

Overall score: 9/10