Review of DESTINY OF THE BELT: part fourteen

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldDESTINY OF THE BELT: part fourteen – 17 mins

We fade in on Fantasy challenging the SKW champ to a title match, one that Sapphire happily accepts. The seasoned pro attacks quickly, however, nailing Sapphire’s gut with a drop kick, followed by a brutal and effective sleeper hold against the wall! Fantasy presses her advantage, dropping elbows and stomps to Sapphire’s gut. She follows up with a massive fist to the skull, a slam to the wall, belly blows, a boot choke against the wall, and a running WALL DDT KO! Fantasy goes for the pin but Sapphire kicks out at the last second! Frustrated, Fantasy attacks with a double handed choke and an attempt to piledriver Sapphire onto her own belt! Sapphire suddenly raises Fantasy’s body off the mats, leading to a sudden REVERSE PILEDRIVER KO onto the belt! Enraged, Sapphire proceeds to completely destroy the seasoned pro … a final pin that gets interrupted when Fantasy’s daughter ELLENA runs in and attacks the champ! Ellena grabs Sapphire and nails a brutal X-Factor KO and wakes Fantasy up. The two set Sapphire up as Ellena grabs the belt as Fantasy holds Sapphire from behind. Ellena swings for Sapphire’s skull but the champ ducks! The belt slams into Fantasy’s face, knocking her out instantly. A terrified Ellena checks on her but is instantly snatched up by Sapphire and knocked down with a brutal clothesline. Sapphire awakens Fantasy with a brutal stomp and slams BOTH ladies into the wall. She nails a brutal running shoulder ram that leaves Fantasy and Ellena out cold on the mats, followed by a double sleeper/scissors KO combo, a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER that KOs Ellena, and a brutal piledriver that leaves Fantasy OUT COLD on top of her tag partner! Satisfied, Sapphire stacks the team up and sits on their unconscious bodies, counting the final pin and following it up with a victory pose!

I am loving these failed run-in vids, with whoever is trying to save the day, running in, only to fail in their attempted rescue and get destroyed along with who they were trying to save. So, after a great match where Sapphire again displays her dominance over Fantasy, with a great array of moves and KOs and some great selling for the veteran, Fantasy, Ellena runs in to save her mom, but the failed tag team attack ends up with both Ellena and Fantasy out cold. I really love watching Fantasy and Ellena get destroyed, they both sell really well and look great. Ellena does sell a lot of moves with her eyes closed, but this is an older vid and I this she doesn’t do that as much anymore, so we’ll let that slide. Sapphire is awesome as always, she’s the safe bet when you want a powerful and entertaining heel. Overall, this is just more of Sapphire doing what she does best, I love her and the dominate heel no matter who she’s beating up, but when her victims are Fantasy and Ellena, it’s just that much better, two jobbers are always better than one, especially when they’re family.

Overall Score: 9/10