Review of DESTINY OF THE BELT: part fifteen

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldDESTINY OF THE BELT: part fifteen – 21 Mins

AustynnIntroducing the lovely AUSTYNN MADISON in her first SKW match!!!

We fade in on Sapphire and Austynn Madison, who’s traveled HOURS just to challenge the SKW champ for her belt! The match begins and Sapphire’s stunned by Austynn’s speed as the tiny blonde ducks her clothesline attempts and launches one of her own…then another! She snapmares the champ and works her over with a tight leg nelson, a face f*cker KO, a few near pins, a stunner KO, a BRUTAL off the wall BULLDOG, and a swing-out DDT KO that ALMOST gets Austynn the win! Sapphire kicks out, however, and a frustrated Austynn grabs the champ’s belt and goes for a head shot that misses! Sapphire nails the tiny blonde in the gut and lays her completely out with a shot from her belt, leading to an anger-fueled beatdown that young Madison will not soon forget! Sapphire goes to town on the rookie pro, devastating her with a ton of brutal moves until a final SAPPHIRE BOMB ends it for the lovely Austynn!

I don’t really know Austynn, I’ve known of her, but really having seen too much of her matches, so this is one of the first few times I’ve seen her in action. She is definitely super cute, I love her size and her look. Austynn starts out in control and pulls of some really impressive high impact moves, but Sapphire isn’t the champ for no reason. Sapphire turns the tide on Austynn after kicking out of several pin attempts. After the shot to the head from the title belt, Austynn is done, but Sapphire is just getting started. We’re treated to another one of those famous Sapphire destructions. Austynn does a great job selling her defeat with some very solid reactions, but, nothing over the top besides for a great extended sleeper that forces some twitching and some really nice weak struggling from Austynn and then a brutal tombstone piledriver on the SKW title belt that leaves Austynn out cold and twitching. Again, the dominant Sapphire reigns supreme and a very good welcome to SKW for Austynn. I really enjoyed this one and I really looks forward to seeing some overselling for Austynn in the future.

Overall Score: 9/10