Review of DESTINY OF THE BELT: part eighteen

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldDESTINY OF THE BELT: part eighteen – 16 Mins

LucySAPPHIRE defends her championship against LUCY PURR! We fade in on Sapphire cutting a promo when the devious Lucy attacks, nailing a huge forearm to Sapphire’s back!  She takes Sapphire’s belt and lays her out with it, going for a pin that Sapphire barely escapes!  Sapphire reverses a hairpull with a massive LOW BLOW that floors Lucy…giving Sapphire enough time to trap her attacker in a perfect sleeper hold!   Lucy fights, fades, and takes a nap as an enraged Sapphire regains her strength and goes for the kill.  She makes an example of Lucy, tearing the poor jobber girl apart and keeping her belt…yet again!

Lucy is girl that I have been liking more and more ever since I first saw her, she’s always been a good seller and has only gotten better. Here is a great squash that she absolutely kills. Yes, she starts off in control after her sneak attack, but that doesn’t last long and she spends most of the video at the mercy of the SKW champ. The champ does as she does best, putting Lucy through the ringer, the way only Sapphire can. Lucy sells it great, not over the top, but very good reactions and plenty of KOs the whole way. I love the bikini, boots, kneepads outfit, always good for extra points from me and looks just perfect on Lucy. After Sapphire takes her pin, she does one of my favorite victory poses, with Lucy over her shoulder and her belt over Lucy. Overall, this is another great addition to the popular series and another great performance from Lucy Purr.

Overall Score: 9/10