Review of Dazed

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsDazed – 13 mins

The premise of this custom match is rather simple, but also pretty unique. It focuses on the rate at which Becca and Antoinette can “shake off the cobwebs” after being dazed by a punch, or in one case, a blackjack blow to the head. The loser of the match is the fighter who remains dazed after a 20 second count. There’s lots of silly eye rolling, crossed eyes, groggy and dazed reactions, and plenty of “birdie” sounds. And for those of you who love to see knockouts, after each beauty loses a round from being dazed for 20 seconds, they drop to the mats, unconscious!

It’s always great to see silly reactions, it’s even better when those reactions come in a very unique way. This video is just as simple as it sounds, but definitely nothing like I’ve ever seen before. The girls first take turns winning rounds and it only takes one punch to daze them and 2 or a black jack to make the dazed long enough to lose the round and pass out. Then we get a double dazed KO and it’s all wrapped up with Antoinette taking the early lead, but the time it takes to took to strip Becca and mock her was too long, as Becca shakes herself back to her senses just in time to counter Antoinette, knocking her silly. I absolutely loved Becca’s reactions as she is so great at being dazed and Antoinette does some nice eye crossing and tongue protrusion. I loved both outfits, they both looked awesome and Becca, even better when she gets stripped, but chuck boots are my favorite, so I got to give it to Antoinette for this one. Overall, this is an awesome, super silly and creative way to overdose a video with ridiculous reactions. There better be a “Dazed 2” coming soon, or…  RIOT!

Overall score: 9.9/10