Review of Date Night

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsDate Night – 17.5 mins

As lovely Becca is primping for a hot date, LeAnn enters and the two realize that they’re dating the same man! Things quickly get heated and before you know it, these two beautiful women are fighting it out all over the studio! After some initial knockouts, they both strip each other of their fancy dresses and they continue the knockouts dressed only in their bras, panties, and panty hose. We get tons of great eye rolling knockouts from punches, chokes, blackjack blows, head smashes into the ring post, lots of double knockouts, body piles, a sneak attack with a dart blow gun, hand weight assisted punchout, syringe with sleep potion, a rolling hair pulling catfight throughout the studio, and a final punch out with mounted punches on the couch. After the dust finally settles, its Becca who’s still standing, as she gathers her things to get ready for her date.

Nothing like a great girl fight, to settle who gets to date some lucky guy, Becca and LeAnn battle all over the FWR studios, knocking each other out with pretty much anything they can find to use as a weapon. They quickly lose most of their clothes and their shoes, but the battle wages on, back and forth with KOs and silliness all the way. Becca and LeAnn are great at selling this one. I love all of the tricks and toys they use against each other, from a brink in a purse, to poison darts and even them bouncing each other head off the ring post. Overall, we get great reaction, from both girls, lots of great KO and KO positions, an all-around great time watching this one.
Overall Score: 9.5/10