Review of Daphne Chloroformed

Review of Girls Getting SleepyDaphne Chloroformed – 23.5 Mins

DAPHNEI walked outside to check my mail the other day and hit the jackpot. Right in front of my apartment was a gorgeous young redhead, just sitting under a tree playing a video game. Of course, I had to go over and talk to her. She immediately came off as a nerd, which reminded me a lot of Fae -one of my favorite girls. As soon as I saw her eyes, I simply knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have her.

One of the longer GGS vid I’ve seen here, but the formula is still mostly the same. To start, there’s no doubt that that Daphne is really easy on eyes and I love the she was nerd playing video games. Her eyerolling isn’t the best, but her overall selling is great. Then the normal GGS things begin, but much slower than usual, as he really taking his time stripping her down and enjoying her limp limbs and beautiful body. It was kind of nice to have the normal pace slowed down for this one. She does wake up once over the entirety of the vid, which surprisingly was good enough from me. The thing that does makes the one different than most GGS vids, besides that is almost twice as long as most vids, is that he strangles her in the end, leaving her eyes open for the final body pan. I got to say it was a little unexpected, but definitely a pretty nice touch to change things up a bit.

Overall Score: 8.5/10