Dahlia is back at SKW and so is Alex. SK walks in and sees Alex laid out with Dahlia standing over her. He asks what happened. Dahlia starts to tell him how she found Alex hanging in the the mat room and we fade to Dahlia walking up behind Alex and begin her destruction. As we watch Dahlia beating up Alex we hear Dahlia talking us through her actions has we fade from scene to scene. Dahlia is really handing out some damage in this one as Alex twitches after almost every KO and even drools a few times. In end a couple piledrives end Dahlia’s story as we fade back to reality. Just then Alex starts to wake up, but a big kick to from Dahlia lays Alex right back out. Another victory pose and this one is over.

Its really great to Alex again and she comes back in good form as she sells the crap out of this one. Lots of twitching and eyerolling from Alex. I like the story telling theme for this vid. It’s like a highlights vid but you get to hear what Dahlia was thinking as she did each move. Dahlia takes Alex’s boots off after a few minutes. I would have liked them to say on, but this is good for fans bare feet. Another really cool vid, a great return for Alex and another favorite from this update.

Overall Score: 9/10


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