Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldCYNDER vs THE MACHINE – 13 Mins

CynderWe fade in on the lovely and bubbly Cynder, excited to “kick some butt” in her next match…until Miss Velvets tells her that her next opponent is THE MACHINE. Her eyes widen in fear as she turns around and meets the evil masked man’s boot…right into her belly!   A classic squash match erupts, with The Machine destroying Cynder and even forcing her to COUNT HERSELF out during his final pin!!!

Cynder must have heard that I think she has the best eyerolling in the business, because she is showing them off a lot here. Her overall selling is pretty great too, from the moment she hears who her opponent is, to the not stop attacks by The Machine. This one is really focused on doing damage to her belly, so she’s curled up a lot, but that doesn’t slow The Machine down at all. He delivers the pain in a big way and has her begging for mercy in no time, which she eventually gets, but not before being forced to count herself out in the final pin. The Machine puts her out one last time with some overkill belly attacks that, of course, make Cynder show off those amazing full white eyes again. This match has a good mix of torture and knockouts, Cynder is outstanding from beginning to end and this one makes me certain that I picked the right girl for best eyerolling of the year.

Overall score: 9.9/10