Review of Sleeperkid’s World CYNDER and SUMIKO vs THE INVISIBLE – 37 Mins

InvisWe fade in tag team partners Sumiko and Cynder training for their upcoming match against THE MACHINE.  Sumiko puts Cynder through several brutal KOs… if only to give her an idea of what their opponent is capable of.  KOs include a sleeper hold (with some amazing eyerolling from Cynder), a piledriver KO, and a final tombstone KO (with instant replay)!  Confident in their training session, Sumiko over the shoulder carries her sleeping partner off to recover… as we fade to a scene where the devious Machine appears and drinks a clear potion. He laughs as he proceeds to disappear, becoming completely invisible! Moments later we see Cynder stretching on the mats, having arrived a bit early for the match.  The now invisible Machine suddenly attacks…destroying poor Cynder and dragging her away! Sumiko arrives a few minutes later, wondering where Cynder is.  She assumes her partner’s running late and stretches on the mats, with the Machine creeping up behind her.  He attacks and proceeds to completely destroy the Japanese fighter, using multiple KOs to humiliate her in the process! We then fade into both Sumiko and Cynder getting tosses into a body pile, followed by the Machine doing some ragdolling… right before landing THREE splashes on the already out cold wrestlers… just for kicks! We fade out on both ladies, defeated and sleeping on the mats!!!

Fans of Sumiko’s first invisible heel video this one is for you, as it is mostly Sumiko putting on another incredible match versus an invisible heel. We do great some great action from Cynder in the early portion on this video and for being still fairly new, I think Cynder did a great job taking on the invisible Machine, plus her eyerolling is the best. I love how long Cynder’s eyes stay rolled back, so much so, I actually got mad when there was an edit that closed Cynder’s eyes. But nonetheless Cynder did awesome, than Sumiko’s part started and she just killed it, easily the best invisible opponent performance I’ve ever seen. I mean this one has it all, lots of great moves, great reactions, some overkill stuff, a little ragdolling, twitching, drooling, eyerolling, sexy pins, it just touched every base perfectly. I really like that The Machine is the heel, so we get all his trash talk and that really makes it feel like Sumiko and Cynder where being attacked by him. The ending is the only time we get to see both Cynder and Sumiko being attacked together, I would have really liked to have seen much more of them together, just the possibilities it could have been awesome, so hopefully one day we’ll see that happen. Other than that, this was perfect in every other way, especially the outfits, boots and kneepad, always a plus in my book.

Overall Score: 9.9/10