Review of CUT!!

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms CUT!! – 15 Mins

CUTThis is one of our most CREATIVE customs to date. You get to see a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes, interspersed with the actual video. We used a second camera to create the look of a custom script in action … that goes horribly wrong! We join Becca, Sasha, and Rick (your humble producer) in the dressing room. Becca is looking over the script and indicates to Rick that she’s sick of scripts from this asshole customer because they’re all the same – she always starts out winning for the first minute and then gets her ass kicked for the rest of the match. Sasha overhears and irritates Becca more by saying she loves the script and it’s pretty much what would happen if they had a real fight anyway. She’s eager to get started so she and Rick head to the ring leaving Becca visibly agitated. The actual custom video begins with the girls in the ring getting the rules. The girls follow the script and play their parts with Becca dominating. But when Becca starts punching Sasha REALLY hard in the belly, Sasha yells “CUT!” and begins yelling at Becca for being too rough! We switch to a second behind the scenes view with Rick telling Becca to take it easy! The video continues but Becca once again goes overboard and actually punches Sasha in the face! Sasha yells “Cut!” again and we switch back to the behind the scenes view where Rick tries to step in. But Becca, still angry that the custom script has her losing, tells him to back off and just keep filming!! We go back again to the video and Becca continues punching Sasha then puts her in a torture rack. With Sasha writhing on the mat in pain, Becca turns to the camera and brags about how this is what would really happen in a fight between them. Sasha gets up and ATTACKS!! She knocks Becca out with several intense punches then goes to town on her! We switch back and forth from the actual video to the behind the scenes view with a clearly flustered Rick not knowing what to do, but Sasha takes complete control of the video and DESTROYS Becca! We don’t have enough room here to describe the entire video but if you like pure creativity then you NEED to purchase this video!

This is the most unique video I’ve ever seen. The idea of seeing a custom shoot go sideways with a behind the scenes perspective is just crazy and very cool. It’s also really well done. Most of the time we are in the normal FWR perspective, but whenever they cut, or Rick has something to say, It jumps to a second camera where we can see rick holding his cam and interacting with the girls. There is a good amount of talking in the beginning, but it’s all setting up the butt whipping Becca was getting ready to take. Becca and Sasha are the amazing in every way. They play perfect off each other and Rick, making this feel like this is what it would really be like if a shoot went crazy. They both sell great, although Becca does most of the selling and she’s incredible. And of course they both look awesome, never going to catch me complaining about seeing these girls in bikinis. My only complaint is that the “real” fight, went exactly the same way the scripted fight was supposed to. I would have liked if maybe Becca actually dominated the whole time, or maybe Sasha used a weapon or something to take control. I know Sasha said that’s how a real match would go when Becca was reading the script, but I think it would have been cooler if it didn’t go exactly that way. Overall, this ends up being a Becca squash in the end, done in an extremely cool way and I will never get tired of Becca losing, no matter how it happens.

Overall Score: 9.5/10