Review of Sleeperkid’s worldCRUSHED BY FANTASIA – 25 mins

We fade in on the lovely Sumiko and Anne-Marie, who are both making the historic announcement, they’re becoming an official tag team! They offer a challenge to ANYONE in the SKW locker room, not knowing that FANTASIA’s visiting from out of town! The towering heel sneaks up behind them and, well…you know the rest! What follows is ONE HELL of a squash, and we mean that almost literally, as Fantasia uses her size and strength to repeatedly destroy the jobber tag team, until they’re both left out cold in a body pile on the mats, creating a perfect human chair for Fantasia to sit on for her victory pose!

What happens when you get two of the best jobbers on the planet, getting squashed by one of the biggest, meanest heels in the business? You get an awesome one-sided master piece like this. One of the best things about this one is that Fantasia is constantly stacking these poor girls on top over each other and taking them on together, so we get lots of body piles and lots of the girls falling on each other. The best one, when Fantasia leaves for a minute and Sumiko wakes up, struggling to get off of Anne, but she keep falling down, back on top of Anne, continually and accidently belly splashing Anne, knocking the wind out of her again and again. That was a brilliant idea and worked so great. I love that Fantasia used everything to beat Anne and Sumiko up, including using their bellies as stepping stones, using their stacked up bodies as a chair and of course just her pure strength to slam them into the mats. Overall if you’re a fan of 1 on 2 squashes, this is one of the best and an easy choice for you.

Overall Score: 9.5/10