Review of Cruel Backbreaker Destruction

Review of Defeated Cruel Backbreaker Destruction – 8 Mins

StellaThe wrestling fight begins equally, Both Stella and Janelle are trying to take the control of the fight. Janelle surprises Stella with a Camel Clutch, taking Stella by her Hair. Janelle is so cruel here, she’s really trying to break Stella’s back! Stella is in a ton of pain and can’t do anything to fight back. She’s picked up and put in a back breaker over Janelle’s knee! Stella is suffering so much her back is breaking, she’s struggling to stay conscious. Janelle wants to finish her now… with a cruel and powerful Boston Crab. Stella can’t escape, she’s bent beyond belief and she’s trapped in Janelle’s brutal hold. Stella can’t take any more, finally passing out, Janelle has broken her back, sending her to another planet. Janelle now poses over her lifeless body, satisfied.

This is something a little different then what you would normally see from Defeated. Meaning there’s actually none of their normal foot fetish type stuff. This is a plan and simple, squash wrestling match and it is, quite frankly, awesome. It starts out a bit like a catfight until Janelle takes control and stays in complete control for the rest of the match. Stella is a glorious jobber. I love her selling, you can see it in her eyes that she’s struggling to stay conscious, very early into the first hold and she’s pretty out of in the moments between holds, too weak to fight back. Her flexibility is another great feature as she’s bent pretty far in these holds and it looks really great. This is a great change of pace from Defeated and I really hope to see more like this one soon.

Overall Score: 9.5/10