Review of Coworker Crush

Review of Cali’s CustomsCoworker Crush – 16 mins

Crystal Clark tricks Cali Logan into coming back to the office after hours and beats her down for being a slut. She annihilates her weak opponent putting her into several pro-style wrestling holds, and wrecking her with over the knee back breakers, pile drivers and bearhugs. For the ultimate humiliation, she pins Cali while she’s down and counts her out. Realizing how helpless Cali is, Crystal teases her by holding her down with just one finger to finish the count. Perhaps she will learn her lesson about trying to sleep her way up the corporate ladder?

This is a really unique style beatdown vid, Crystal, not only beats up Cali with kicks and punches to start, but soon the pro wrestler in her shines through as she start using wrestling moves to bring the pain to Cali. This really awesome to see Cali dresses in her office clothes get put through a wrestling style beatdown. There are lots of belly punches, bearhugs, a few submission holds, a piledriver, a sleeper hold, even a breast smother, all while Crystal talks crap about Cali and pins her just for fun. Crystal furthers Cali’s humiliation by unbuttoning her top and groping her body. Cali delivers us awesome performance as well, with a few well sold KOs and lots of crying in pain, while trying to plea with Crystal to stop beating her up. Overall, I love the combination of wrestling moves and office attire, it something you don’t see every day, but it’s definitely something I would like to see more of.

Overall Score: 9/10