Review of Courtney vs Erika – Golden Opportunity

Review of Hit The Mat – Courtney vs Erika – Golden Opportunity – 20 mins

Erika confronts Courtney, she’s heard about her Golden Gloves experience, but isn’t impressed. Erika eager to prove she’s the top at HTM. Squaring off in the ring, they stare each other down with the focused eyes of fighter. Erika strikes first, snapping Courtney’s head repeatedly, and knocks her down with an uppercut. Has Courtney been knocked silly? Or is she playing possum? Courtney seems almost amused by Erika’s punches. As she seems to crack a smile as she hits the mat. Getting back up, Courtney begins to turn the tables with her quick snapping jabs and Erika is backed on to the ropes. The action heats up, both ladies trading punches and finding themselves in trouble, Although it starts to become very clear that one fighter is dominate. In the end, it’s Erika who can’t take anymore as Courtney reigns supreme, as she leaves Erika on the mats, hopefully learning her lesson.

This one is not as even as the description makes it sound. Erika did start out strong, but once Courtney starts to land some punches you can tell that Erika is was about to be in big trouble. Erika isn’t doesn’t just lay down and let Courtney get the win, she keeps fighting back, she keeps getting back to her feet before the 10 count, but it’s pretty clear that Courtney is too much for her. There are no rounds, so Erika never gets a break or chance or regroup and Courtney was able to keep pressing her advantage, which was great to see and I like it better without the rounds. I love Erika’s reactions to the punches, they really looked like they are rocking her hard and she was looking pretty out of it for more of the video. We get some knockdowns and a great final KO, where Erika give it one tiny try to get up again, but she was done. I loved the outfits, both girls looked amazing in them. The only thing I didn’t like was the punch sound effect. It had a reaction sound with it and it sounded like I was playing a boxing video game from 1995. Luckily, it didn’t notice the whole vid, as the girl’s reactions sounds were much better. Overall, this boxing vid is an easy home run, with its good length, we get to see Erika slowly get worn down, lose her ability to fight back and eventually knocked out cold. It’s great fight, with great talk between the girls and some really great reactions from Courtney. This is how boxing that isn’t silly or over the top, should be done.

Overall Score: 9.5/10