Review of Count the KO’s

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsCount the KO’s – 10 mins

Cadence and Keri are hanging out on the Spectrum mats. Cadence has just started training at a gym and is eager to learn more. Keri asks her if any crazy things have happened to her while sparring and Cadence says, not really, that she’s never been knocked out or something crazy like that. Keri looks shocked and says, really, you haven’t had your first KO yet? Keri says she wants to KO her and Cadence agrees, Keri comes out strong, immediately getting Cadence in a tight triangle choke, squeezing against Cadence’s carotid as hard as she can. It takes no time to put Cadence out, for the first time. Keri checks her limbs, super proud of herself. Keri wakes her and gives Cadence a change to get on her knees and situate herself. As soon as she’s done, Cadence is instantly in the danger zone again. Keri clinches on a sleeper hold. Cadence’s eyes roll dramatically, going wide, before she goes out again. Keri decides to stop giving her time to recover and the rest of the vid is Keri waking up and a knocking out Cadence again and again at will till Keri’s had enough fun and leaves Cadence to sleep on the mats.

Long story short, this is just a kickass, one sided, KO match. Cadence is great, I love how her eyes roll and cross as Keri is squeezing the life out of her. I like this set up too, as Keri lulls Cadence into letting her KO her, then even acted like she was going to give her a chance to fight back, but easily overpowers her and then continues to knock her out even after Cadence as clearly had enough. I really liked the tactics used too, Keri uses her grappling experience to apply figure four head scissor, surfboard choke, and Sleepers on the helpless rookie. Overall, we get plenty of great KOs, great powerful moves, Cadence’s selling is prefect with great eye crossing and Keri has too much fun flexing her skills and muscles on the ill-experienced rookie.

Overall Score: 9/10