Review of Cory Chase Customs – ChiChi Medina in Payback To the Bedroom

Review of Cory Chase CustomsChiChi Medina in Payback To the Bedroom – 11 Mins

bedroomThis video starts with Chi Chi already out cold, he plays with her limbs a bit, then carries her off to the Bedroom. He carries her into her bedroom and throws her down on her bed. Her legs are spread wide. He starts to play with her unconscious body again and plays with her socked feet. Soon, Chi Chi starts to come to again. Her brother hits her viciously over the head. Chi Chi grunts as loud as she can, as her eyes open wide. Her back arches off the bed, her mouth is open in silent scream, her body goes as stiff as it can, and her toes scrunch up as tight as they can in her socks. Chi Chi holds this pose for about ten seconds and then her eyes roll up and she passes out and goes limp to the bed with a soft sigh. He plays with her body again. When Chi Chi comes to again, her brother orders her to stand up in front of the bed. He tells her that if she wants him to stop hitting her, then she must plead to him to knock her out. If she does that, then he will let her go without knocking her out. Chi Chi and starts begging her brother to knock her out. Please knock me out. I love passing out, so that you can play with my unconscious body. I know you love playing with my limp feet and white slouch socks with the big wrinkles. Bonk me over the head! Knock me out! Knock me out! Knock me out! Then her brother says Ok, and bonks her over the head. Chi Chi screams in surprise and falls backwards onto the bed. Her unconscious body slowly slides off the front of the bed until she is slumped on the floor. Her brother grabs her arms and carries her limp around the room and then he picks her up and tosses onto the bed again and plays with her. Later, Chi Chi comes to again and she pleads with her brother not to knock her out again and that she doesn’t want to pass out anymore. Her brother tells her that he hopes she learned her lesson. He lets Chi Chi get off the bed and she starts to leave the room when he hits her over the head from behind as hard as he can. Chi Chi screams and slumps to the floor unconscious in a heap. He leaves the room.

A great simple limp play vid here. I think there might also be a part one to this that shows how Chi Chi and her brother, apparently, ended up in the position this vids starts in. Anyway, this vid had a great focus on having her legs spread wide while she’s out, and that’s a just awesome. There’s also some good foot play in this, although she does have socks on the whole time and some people don’t like that. It didn’t bother me however, because, I’m not the biggest foot fan. We get a couple of great KOs, from when she wakes up and either tries to get away or begs for him to stop. The longer begging scene is a great one, she really tries hard to please him, begging to be KO’d, and then he’s just like, OK, and knocks her over the head, I couldn’t help but laugh at that. Her last escape attempt leaves her KO’s and spread eagled on the ground, a great final look at the super sexy girl. Overall, very great limp play action, I love Chi Chi’s reactions from getting bonked on the head and she just plain looks outstanding, in every way. This is my second vid that I’ve seen from this production and again, I am a happy customer. I’ll definitely be checking out more from them as soon as I can.

Overall Score: 9/10