Review of Copycat Trap Season 3 / Side Mission 1

Review of Next Global Crisis Copycat Trap Season 3 / Side Mission 1 – 10.5 Mins

NGC ONEA young copycat superheroine has been dressing as Suki Deluxe and playing vigilante… but despite her super-speed, she is no match for the powerful Rex Deacon! Rex uses chokes, bearhugs, torture-racks and more in this electrifying and brutal fight! Luckily John Roman comes in just in the time to save, with an ultimatum, join him or suffer the wrath of Rex.

So, I am taking a little step back here, because I was informed that the side missions from NGC are also a part of the main storyline and I don’t want to miss any of the story. I’ll be checking out the side missions here for a while, starting with this one. As always with Next Globe Crisis everything I done extremely well. The costumes are great, the acting is great, and the selling is awesome, and on and on. It’s a great fight, a nice effort from the Suki imposter, but she was moments from being destroyed, when John Roman interrupts, asking this imposter to join his new group of heroines. I’m not sure it I was from the fear of Rex or if she’s actually interested in John’s offer, either way she accepts his offer and leaves with him. Another great thing about NCG is the alternate endings, in this one The Suki imposter declines John’s offer and John allows Rex to finish what he was about to do, taking out Suki. Overall, more perfectly executed content from NGC, with of course more excellent combat and storytelling.

Overall Score: 9/10