Review of Constantly Coshed

Review of Constantly Coshed – 10 min

Kayla’s home and gets a knock on the door. It turns out to be her neighbor. He there to brag about his new security sales person job. He than presents a black jack. Kayla laughs at how simple of an idea it is. He’s start waving it around showing it of when something causes him to turn away and that makes him whack Kayla in the head. Kayla drops to the floor, out cold. He’s shocked at what he just did and runs to get a cold rag, while we get a up skirt shot of the sleeping Kayla. When Kayla wakes, she pissed and wants to call the cops. All he can do to stop her is knock her out again. Each time she wakes he tries to apologize and stop her from calling the cops, but she won’t listen, so he knocks her out again. Until finally Kayla gets up and she can’t remember what happened. He takes this as his chance to get off free and rushes out. Kayla is dizzy, confused and passes out one more time.

This one is all about quick KOs and up skirts and whats not to love about that? We get good long scenes of Kayla laid out, each one is a up skirt shot. I like the accidental KO, him trying to get her to forgive him and than just knocking her out again and again till she can’t remember what happened in the 1st place. The black jack stand in is brilliant, because he can actually hit her with it and hilarious. I really like her dress, shoes and the pure number of KOs that happened. Overall, this is a great way to a simple up skirt idea into a fun and silly KO video.

Overall Score: 9/10