Review of Constance vs Roxii Prostyle Battle

Review of Fem WarzConstance vs Roxii Prostyle Battle – 18 mins

Constance, the blond in the blue one piece, gets the upper hand with 2 long held tombstone piledrivers on Roxii. Constance tries to continue her control with a sleeper, but Roxii breaks free and counters with a headscissors, which Constance soon counters with a headscissors of her own. Now back in control Constance uses a single leg crab and more scissors to keep control of the match. Roxii finally gets free and returns the favor with her own boston crab and headscissors. Roxii uses some splashes and belly punches in between the scissors, keeping her in control. Out of desperation, Constance grabs a hand full of hair and slams Roxii’s face into the mats. Now back in control, Constance goes for a quick headscissors, than a piledriver. Constance doesn’t got for the win, instead picks her up for more belly punches. Roxii tries to fight back, but Constance keeps control with a foot choke, than finishes her off with one more piledriver and a quick pin.

I really like the looks of these two girls, both in one pieces and chuck boots is a really solid look for me and both girls wear it well. This match is a little heavy on the headscissors, which don’t have too much effect, as the match is really back and forth, so neither girl really greats to worn down. The piledrivers are cool, Constance holds Roxii up for a while in each one before finally planting her. The piledrivers don’t fully KO Roxii, till the last one, but they definitely daze her for a little while. Of course I’d rather the totally KO’d her, but this is ok. There is a take laugh near the middle of this, where Constance started laughing, but is told to keep going. That kind of thing think is a huge problem for me, as it breaks up the immersion. Those things really need to be edited out. Some of the move execution is a little off, mainly I’m talking about the boston crabs, everything else it done alright. It’s a good fight, that ends well that, it need a little TLC and could really be great. Overall, I really do like this production, because I know it can be great. This one just needs a few more moves, make sure the moves are done right and make sure that anything that’s out of character is edited out.

Overall Score: 7.5/10