Review of Confidence Trick – Season 3 / Special Release 16

Review of Next Global CrisisConfidence Trick – Season 3 / Special Release 16 – 9 Mins

NGCBluebird has been called out on global TV by the absurd villain ‘Luqtisto’. He has questioned her skills and morals in front of the whole world, so now she wants to teach him a lesson. He boasts of his amazing power, but at first it seems to do very little. Bluebird starts to smack him around but for some reason she begins losing all of her confidence… The villain strikes back and soon Bluebird is a cowering wreck, begging for him to cease… can she find a way to turn things around? – INCLUDES WIN & LOSE ENDINGS!

Next Global Crisis changing things up a little bit with Bluebird facing a masked wrestler villain calling himself Luqtisto. Bluebird is of course as confident as always and after Luqtisto talks a good game, Bluebird attacks. I love how this is part is done, as not only does Bluebird look like something is a little off, but also the background music keeps changing tempo as Luqtisto’s “powers” take effect. It’s a very well done scene, even the first time watching this, you can easily tell something is wrong. Luqtisto attacks Bluebird as she’s looking at her fists trying to figure out what’s wrong. Luqtisto uses wrestling attacks to dominate Bluebird, which is was really cool and fun to see from NGC. Bluebird of course sells this fantastically as she always gives us a great show. She is almost instantly turned into a cowering, begging mess and soon gives up, even submitting herself to Luqtisto and calling him Master. This is a really fun and awesome one off clip, but I would love to see more of Luqtisto dominating Bluebird because this was fantastic.

Overall Score: 9.5/10