Review of Complete Destruction of Brooke Fairchild Vol.2

Review of RingDivasComplete Destruction of Brooke Fairchild Vol.2 – 16 Mins

BrookeThe fans have been asking for Brooke Fairchild, so Brooke Fairchild is just what they are going to get! And not only that, look at that AMAZING OUTFIT. YES… YOU’RE WELCOME. Brooke Fairchild is back in action and unfortunately for her she is taking on The Associate in one-on-one competition. And we’ve all seen how that match up turns out. Watch as Brooke Fairchild is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROYED by the Associate in new and creative ways that you’ve never even seen in RingDivas!

This is another review brought to you by request. I don’t really like reviewing RindDivas vids, because, I’m not a huge fan of the people that run it, their “better” vids are too expensive and most of the vids are about 1/3 ads, entrances and other stuff that just takes up too much time. For example, this vid quoted at 16 mins, but it takes exactly 4 minutes before the wrestlers even come in contact with each other. So for 40 bucks you get a 12 minutes of content, which is over $3 per minute. Now, as far as the content goes, it’s actually pretty good. It’s a total squash with a sexy jobber who sells pretty well. She is unusually resilient at times, just hopping back up to her feet after a KO and walking around like nothing happened. But while she’s under attack, she sells well. There’s a good amount of KOs although don’t expect any eyerolling or anything like that, they even use chloroform in this one and still don’t have any kind of eye reaction. Overall, the core of this vid is good and Brooke is a good jobber, but add in the long intro and the ridiculous price tag and I would have to advise that you spend you $40 elsewhere.

Overall Score: 7/10


  • I totally agree with you re their prices, but they do produce some excellent matches like this, my favourite scenario with the sexy female getting destroyed by the bigger, stronger male, or female. Brooke looks stunning and I love her sexy outfit and she plays her role well; Ring Divas used to have a members section where you could download pics, its there I first saw one of my favourite pros, now sadly retired, Shantelle Taylor.

    • Ringdivas does make some nice vid, sadly none of them are worth 40 buck. Shantelle was very good, she did some nice squashes for SlamminLadies.

  • Finally gave in a got a new RD vid awhile back to test it and you were right. I was skeptical paying the high amount especially after what you’d said but gave in when I saw the previews for Brooke same girl here hot as hell in a squash match against two other girls wearing jeans and high top white sneakers and a tank top. Right up my alley as you know. They also hinted/pushed that there were going to be kos the previews basically doing everything it could to make it look like it.

    Bought the video and this was literally the first time I have ever bought a video and been angry after. I have bought many many videos and am usually quite happy sometimes overly more than I thought I would even get and at worst don’t get quite what I expected and am a bit disappointed with it. This one literally pissed me off with it.

    As you said it starts with an intro [The redeeming part of the whole thing the songs badass lmao.] that if I recall is like a minute to minute thirty long and then has entrances that are overly prolonged but not even in a good way I love good entrances they just come out really slowly then walk around the ring in a circle a few times. Also idk if it always is but in this particular video they dim the lights all the way down through the entire entrances so you basically can’t see anything even if you like entrances other than a somewhat shadow moving around. This all lasted I think till about 5 minutes or a little over into the video until the bell actually rang.

    It got worse from their. It wasn’t the girls fault in anyway they do with what they are told and given to do and for what it was they did well but the entire video is basically mild taunting moving around slowly, a few normal light punches like 4-5 [some of them odd.] submissions thrown on her with her tapping out to the last one rolling around a bit in pain and the video is over. There literally isn’t one single impact move the entire match like a slam or anything of that kind pretty sure there wasn’t even a clothesline or anything like that. Once again not her fault because of the moves that were done and what she was given but she isn’t kod a single time or anywhere near. I don’t think she laid still on the ground even not limp just after the submissions longer than like 2-3 seconds and for suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure was never limp at all at any point in the video not even to a point where she happened to be laying in a position on the ground where you could try to imagine and pretend she was kod/limp.

    With that set up her outfit and how sexy that girl is it’s damn near impossible almost you’d have to try to make it a 100% complete shit fest but they managed it. Basically for anyone like me who had heard things but gives the benefit of the doubt and trys things and thinks even if there not what you want you can get something out of it and are thinking about trying it. In my humble opinion don’t I wish I hadn’t. All in all without ranting and just stating the facts it’s a overpriced submission video with a little mild taunting with about 5-6 minutes prolly 7-9 if you add in them seemingly purposefully going very slowly into the next submission and just walking around. isn’t actual content it’s a pre made music intro, a male announcer and a non visible entrance from them absolute 0 kos or limp anything at all. Only redeeming factor at all is the girl is extremely hot like top tier hot and if your into that kinda outfit like me a really sexy outfit.

    • Sorry you had to find out the hard, but this production is just not worth the time and money. Like the custom vids are paid for by the customer, so why do we still have to pay soo much for them? it makes me crazy because i want to like them and I love Destiny, but i just can’t put up with how they run that production, it just sucks.

  • Now also I would like to point out that there are most likely many videos by them that do have tons of kos blah blah and are better as you can see above that one has kos etc. However for what they charge I thinks it’s crazy to take a risk on hoping/assuming it’ll have something. You can’t tell beforehand either really because the descriptions basically just tell you what the match is and might say someone gets destroyed etc in which you’d think that would be more than getting put in a few light submissions and then tapping out and being let go. Unless you literally see exactly what you want in the preview pics don’t go for it in my opinion. For their prices then adding on the whole part of the video not being actual content theres no way it’s worth the price $39.99 I think was the price for that one if i’m not mistaken.

    If you like them or it’s your thing what they do that’s awesome but this is mainly for those thinking bout it and aren’t sure.