Review of Complete Destruction of Brooke Fairchild Vol.2

Review of RingDivasComplete Destruction of Brooke Fairchild Vol.2 – 16 Mins

BrookeThe fans have been asking for Brooke Fairchild, so Brooke Fairchild is just what they are going to get! And not only that, look at that AMAZING OUTFIT. YES… YOU’RE WELCOME. Brooke Fairchild is back in action and unfortunately for her she is taking on The Associate in one-on-one competition. And we’ve all seen how that match up turns out. Watch as Brooke Fairchild is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROYED by the Associate in new and creative ways that you’ve never even seen in RingDivas!

This is another review brought to you by request. I don’t really like reviewing RindDivas vids, because, I’m not a huge fan of the people that run it, their “better” vids are too expensive and most of the vids are about 1/3 ads, entrances and other stuff that just takes up too much time. For example, this vid quoted at 16 mins, but it takes exactly 4 minutes before the wrestlers even come in contact with each other. So for 40 bucks you get a 12 minutes of content, which is over $3 per minute. Now, as far as the content goes, it’s actually pretty good. It’s a total squash with a sexy jobber who sells pretty well. She is unusually resilient at times, just hopping back up to her feet after a KO and walking around like nothing happened. But while she’s under attack, she sells well. There’s a good amount of KOs although don’t expect any eyerolling or anything like that, they even use chloroform in this one and still don’t have any kind of eye reaction. Overall, the core of this vid is good and Brooke is a good jobber, but add in the long intro and the ridiculous price tag and I would have to advise that you spend you $40 elsewhere.

Overall Score: 7/10