Review of COMET GIRL VS ELIZA ROSE – 6.5 min

Back with another super heroine battle, this time it’s Comet Girl Vs Eliza Rose. Comet Girl enters the ring area and starts warming up. The overseer of the ring speaks up, telling Comet Girl that her super powers will not be available and her opponent will be Eliza Rose. Comet girl’s confidence doesn’t waiver as she still believes she’ll be fast enough to win this. Eliza enters and tells Comet Girl to just lie down and take the lost, of course, she does not. The battle begins and Comet Girl uses her speed to take the early advantage. Looks like Comet Girl might still be fast enough to take down Eliza Rose, but a sudden X-factor plants Comet Girl, knocking her out cold, giving Eliza the pin and the Win. Eliza isn’t done though, She wants to teach Comet Girl a lesson. Eliza teaches Comet Girl with some good punches, a choke slam and a kick to the head. She than takes her victory pose, than heads out. We also get to see as Comet Girl picks herself up and exits as well.

Another quick vid, but still awesome content. Comet Girl started off strong, but before she even get a chance to do anything about it, she was knocked out cold and pinned. It’s was so sudden it definitely caught me off guard as well. Than after the pin I thought it might be over, but Eliza picks her up and beats her up some more. Comet Girl was so out of it from this point on and she sells it great. All of the action after the pin fall was really Awesome. Also getting to watch as Comet Girl had to drag herself off the ground and from the ring after that beating, was a good addition too. As long as these matches have a good amount of one sided beat downs, I’m always going to really enjoy these.

Overall Score: 8.5/10