Review of Choke This Bitch Out #2

Review of Lucha GirlsChoke This Bitch Out #2 – 12 mins

Jennifer Thomas kicks in the door of Jezabel Romo, angry that Jezabel was claiming to have beaten her in their last match. Jennifer goes right after the reeling Jezabel and no more than two minutes into this match, Jennifer has Jezabel drooling and gagging while caught between her powerful legs. Jennifer really brings the pain, with many different chokes, sometimes using some weapons and even standing on her throat, to help choke the life out of Jezabel. Each choke cause Jezabel to cough, gang and drool, even passing out a few time, but Jennifer quickly wakes her up for more punishment. Jennifer showed ZERO mercy, even fooling Jezabel that she was done with her beating, just for one more chance to choke her out, Leaving her laid out over the arm of the couch.

To be honest, Jezabel wouldn’t be my 1st pick for a jobber, but a really cool guy from my forums told me i had to check this out and I got to say, he was right. Jezabel sold her ass off and I mean every bit of it, from the terrified look on her face when Jennifer kicked her door in, to each and every choke. It looks like Jennifer was trying to kill her. Jennifer is an awesome crazy woman. She look huge and Jezabel is no small fry. Jennifer looks like she is powerful enough to easily dominate Jezabel. Some great reactions from Jezabel. I would have liked the KOs to last a little more than 2-4 seconds, because they were quick to get back to the action, but Overall, this great domination vid with some rock solid selling.

Overall Score: 8.5/10