Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldCHEYENNE’S POWER – 28 mins

We fade in on Cheyenne Jewel on the phone, revealing that she’s a secret agent/enforcer hired to steal a local rich girl’s bank account info. She tells her boss that she’s already taken out the girl’s trainer and will easily step in as a replacement. We then fade in on the target, Jacquelyn Velvets, getting ready for her daily workout when Cheyenne steps in and tells her the usual trainer is out with a cold. Jacquelyn is unsure, but is quickly convinced when Cheyenne flashes her biceps at her. Cheyenne has her sit on the mats as she prepares to begin the workout, one that starts with a sudden body scissors/full nelson attack! A stunned Jacquelyn squirms and screams in pain as she realizes the danger she’s in and Cheyenne refuses to hold back until she acquires the information she came for. What follows is a one-sided destruction featuring two of the best in the business delivering amazing and nuanced performances. It’s no surprise that this ends with Cheyenne standing over her defeated prey, but it’s the journey to that finale that really matters.

If I said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, I love Jackie’s eyerolling, and she is definitely one of the best in the business when it comes to that. Jackie’s eyerolling is the best part of this video for me and luckily there is lots of it, as Cheyenne is constantly squeezing the life out of poor Miss Velvets. The story here is good too, as Cheyenne is interrogating Jacquelyn, trying to get some bank number out of her. It take some time, but eventually Cheyenne forces out of Jackie and once Cheyenne has that info, she got to put Jackie to sleep, so he can take her to her bosses. She does so with an awesome piledriver, that leaves Jackie twitching, but soon out cold and ready to be carried away. Overall, any chance I get to see Jacquelyn Velvets and her amazing eyerolling, I’m going love it. She’s great seller and it’s always great to see her defeated.

Overall Score: 9/10