Review of Cherie DeVille vs Rusty

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Review of Hit The MatCherie DeVille vs Rusty – 21 Mins

CherieCherie DeVille makes her HTM debut and she has a message for a certain low tier boxing scrub. While confident Cherie is talking like a big shot thinking she’ll beat up Kay, her actual opponent, Rusty, steps in the ring. Cherie’s a little less sure of herself, but starts the fight. Cherie is barely able to land a clean punch and gets toyed with easily for the first round. By the second round, Cherie’s ineffective punches are merely shrugged off and she finds herself in the corner getting dominated. At one point she is nearly knocked out, but saved by the bell. Cherie gets destroyed for the remainder of the fight, getting knocked around helplessly on the ropes, dazed and barely able to stand. She’s pummeled in the corner one final time until she can’t make the 10 count… and when she comes to, she’s strung up and used like a human punching bag for even more punishment! Welcome to Hit the Mat, Cherie!

Welcome to Hit the Mat indeed, Cherie. I like the setup of this one, with Cherie just talking tons of crap about someone she thought she was facing, but when Rusty walks by, you can just see how nervous she became. It’s so funny to see that happened, especially because she was really going hard on the trash talk. When the match starts, just like when Rusty was vs Lauren, you can tell Cherie is in over her head. Rusty just dances around for the entire first round, but Cherie sneaks in a clean punch to the nose in the middle of round two and Rusty turns on the jets, just raining punches all over Cherie and there was nothing she could have done about it. From then on Cherie is just a punching bag hanging in the corner or the ropes. She looks dazed and totally out of it for most of the time, which she sold great, although she tries to hype herself up in between rounds. We get a saved by the bell KO, love those, and another knockdown, where Cherie was just too out of it to stand up anymore, before the final totally out cold 10 count KO. After the final 10 count Rusty hangs Cherie up in some chains and treats her like a human heavy bag, which is new to me and an awesome punishment. This is a great on sided match, even though the first round is uneventful, the rest of the video totally makes up for that. Rusty’s lighting fast punches on the defenseless, punch drunk Cherie was great to watch.

Overall Score: 9.5/10