Review of Cheating for the Belt

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsCheating for the Belt – 20.5 min

Becca knows that LeAnn is a fearsome fist fighter, so she arrives early to the ring and spikes her rival’s water bottle. She takes her corner as LeAnn enters and takes a quick sip of the water. The bell rings and the girls begin duking it out until LeAnn gains control and beats Becca mercilessly in the center of the ring, on the ropes, and in the corner. LeAnn flips Becca and goes for a pin, but before she can reach 10 she begins to feel dizzy from the drugged water. She manages to shake it off and mounts Becca for some power punches to the face. When LeAnn applies an abdominal stretch to Becca she finally gets weak enough so Becca can hip toss her to the mat. What follows is a totally one sided beating with Becca doing wrestling moves such as an arm bar, a bow and arrow, and several head scissors with punches. Between the wrestling action, Becca pounds her fists into poor LeAnn’s face and body, throws her out of the ring to beat on her against the wall and on the couch, then throws her back into the ring for more jabs, hooks, and uppercuts! Becca goes for a pin, but decides that LeAnn needs another drink and stands her in the corner to pour more of the spiked water into her mouth. Becca finally finishes LeAnn off, pins her, then forces the groggy and defeated beauty to put the championship belt around her waist. Becca ends this match by placing LeAnn in a camel clutch while wearing the championship belt!

Here’s a cheat to win idea that we’ve all seen many times, but everyone does it a little differently and this one is particularly great. First, we get treated with some Becca destruction, as she waits for the drugs to kick in, which is always great to see, Becca is one of the best. The drugs take it’s time washing over LeAnn, but when it does, Becca is quick to take over. We don’t really get any knockouts, but LeAnn is punch drunk the whole time and is easily dominated. I think LeAnn is getting better and better at jobbing, every time I see her. This one is arguably one of her best performances. Becca isn’t satisfied with how woozy LeAnn is, so she makes her drink more, and now LeAnn is barely conscious. A few more punches finally seal the deal and Becca gets the easy, semiconscious pin. Becca isn’t quite done yet, adding a little more humiliation and a unique and painful victory pose. Overall, this is a great vid, excellent selling and a well-executed drugged drink video.

Overall score: 9.5/10