Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldCHEATER BEATER – 18 mins

You know the story, girl has to wrestle pro, girl gets nervous, girl pays off the referee to give her a hand if needed. Only in this case you have the beautiful Luna taking on Jordynne Grace with Kayla as the paid ref. Needless to say, there’s a few twists and turns in this amazing match, but the end comes armed with justice as a failed save from Kayla turns into a 1 on 2 beatdown from the powerful Jordynne Grace. Here’s the story, Luna ducks some of Jordynne’s opening clotheslines and nails one of her own. She follows up with a kneeling surfboard and chinlock, belly punches against the wall, and a wall splash attempt that Jordynne suddenly turns into a fallaway slam! Jordynne is now in control and delivers a brutal power slam, body slams, a sleeper hold KO, belly attacks against the wall, a running wall splash KO, a slow pin count from Kayla that ends in a kickout, a standing bearhug KO, ragdolling, torture rack, a Scorpion Crosslock, an extended Romero / Ceiling Hold / chokeout KO, standing suplex KO, matchbook fake pin, DOUBLE Tombstone piledriver KO, and a final pin attempt that ends when Kayla nails with the title best to the face, that knocks Jordynne out! A frenzied Kayla drags the sleeping Luna on top of Jordynne and goes for the pin count, but Jordynne KICKS OUT! The girls stand and go for a double clothesline, but the experienced Jordynne reverses it, nailing her very own clothesline, taking them both down. Enraged, Jordynne proceeds to destroy the cheaters. She KOs Kayla with a brutal Tombstone piledriver, only to repeat the same finisher on Luna! Jordynne drags Kayla’s sleeping body over as she pins Luna, using the ref’s out cold hand to count the final pin! She finds the money Luna paid Kayla and proceeds to shower the bills over her defeated opponents, who happen to be neatly stacked up in a pile underneath her.

This starts out as a great squash match, as Jordynne tosses, twists and bends little Luna in every direction with great ease. That is as soon as she takes control of the match. Luna sells this to perfection, giving us great reactions and really screaming out in pain. Watching Kayla watch the destruction of Luna was really fun as she winces and covers her face a lot, feeling Luna’s pain. Jordynne takes her sweet time, really torturing and playing with Luna before finally trying to go for that final pin. That’s when Kayla strikes. After the Family Feud series, where Jordynne got cheated out of a few wins, it’s nice to see her beat the cheaters this time. She makes quick work of Kayla, as the piledriver leaves Kayla twitching on the mats. Luna didn’t stand a chance either, as the previous beatdown had already taken all the fight out of her, making it easy to KO her again. Overall, combining Jordynne’s impressive squash of Luna with her beating Kayla’s attempt to cheat her out of a win, and add in the awesome outfits and great performances, makes this a very enjoyable and unique video.

Overall Score: 9.5/10