Review of Caught On Camera

Review of Velvets FantasiesCaught On Camera – 22 mins

We fade in on two rival pairs of spies both breaking into the same compound from different entry points. What follows is a series of different KO encounters, featuring karate chops, double punch KOs, a double sleeper KO, and a final 4-girl sleepy spray KO that leads both teams to put their differences aside in order to infiltrate the compound’s strong room. Little do they know, but all FOUR ladies have been kept under watch by the compound’s viciously playful caretaker, played by Rick. We get a short glimpse of all four ladies making their way past his secret cameras as he lets out a long and satisfying chuckle. We fade into Rick’s inner sanctum, where the ladies suddenly find themselves victims of his knockout games that leave all four spies lined up on a nearby couch, destined to sleep the night away.

I like the way this vid is set up, it starts like a back and forth, tag team sentry battle. It’s fun to watch the two spy teams sneak up on each other and take each other out. Till finally they decide to try and work together. At this point it turns into a nice sleepy, limp play vid. Rick takes out all four beauties after mocking them a little. Then he plays with each of their limp bodies and piles them up when he’s done. This is my favorite part of the vid, it great to what them played with and piled up. Then the wake up one at a time, so they’re easy to line one the couch, where Rick checks out each and every foot before crossing a few of their legs over each other and letting them rest up for more sleepy games later. Overall, this has a great mix of content, a little bit of over dramatic selling and of course gorgeous victims.

Overall Score: 8.5/10