Review of Caught Off Guard

Review of Sumiko DreamsCaught Off Guard – 15 mins

SUMIKODangerous captive Malibu vows to break out of an inescapable prison. Standing in her way is a squad of highly trained guards (all played by Sumiko!). One by one, Malibu systematically subdues and knocks out the beautiful sentinels, each in a special way. Malibu leaves a wake of unconscious and tied up guards on her quest for freedom.

This is basically a Sumiko Sentry vid, with a little story behind it. Sumiko of course, is great, probably not her greatest selling ever, but when it comes to Sumiko, you’re just never going to find her not selling up to par. She looks amazing in her bikini too, of course. I not fan of what Malibu had on, as I makes for a few tough angles to watch, but I like the idea of having to take out sentries in order to break out of prison and the last one, when Malibu had to use an eye scanner to unlock the door was a great idea and a final long chloro KO, made a good finale. We also get to see all the KO sentries again, which was nice and the first Sumiko sentry wakes up to find herself tied, gagged and helpless. It’s a nice video, a solid idea, always good to add the sentry style vids and Sumiko is always a pleasure to watch.

Overall Score: 8.5/10