Review of Caught in Black Widow’s Web

Review of Cali CustomsCaught in Black Widow’s Web – 25.5 mins

We fade in on Cali Gordon receiving a call from the governor in hopes to reach Batgirl, informing Cali that the Black Widow is up to her devious acts again. Cali tells the governor that she’ll tell Batgirl right away and Batgirl will take care of it. We watch as Cali Gordon accesses her secret closet and changes into Batgirl piece by piece, She’s only human, it not like she has powers or anything. Once fully changed Batgirl heads off to find Black Widow. We now fade in on Keri Spectrum, having her morning coffee and checking her twitter, when her phone rings, it’s Batgirl. Batgirl informs Keri of the situation, asking for her assistance, of course Keri agrees. She uses her powers to instantly change into Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel arrives 1st at Black Widow’s (Carissa Montgomery) lair, where she is met by the Black Widow and after a few harsh words a fight breaks out. Ms. Marvel is just a little too strong for Black Widow, although Black Widow doesn’t go down without a fight. Just when Ms. Marvel is about to end this fight, Black Widow pulls out a spray can, explaining that I contains a fear gas, as she sprays it in Ms. Marvel’s face. Ms. Marvel, the once brave and powerful superheroine, now cowers in the corner and screams in fear of the Black Widow’s pet spiders as they slowly creep towards her. Once the spiders get to Ms. Marvel, she can only weep in the corner as she is frozen stiff from terror. Finally, Batgirl arrives and rushes to Ms. Marvel’s aid, but can’t understand the tearful words coming out of her mouth. Black Widow interrupts, giving Batgirl an invitation to help her seize Gotham, which of course Batgirl refuses, threatening revenge for what she’s done to Ms. Marvel. Black Widow tries to fight Batgirl, but fails miserably, as Batgirl dominates. Once Batgirl thinks Black Widow has had enough, she goes to aid Ms. Marvel again, removing the spiders from around her and helping her compose herself. Once Ms. Marvel has gathered herself, they both confront Black Widow, who sits confident, explaining that her fear toxin has another trait, and that is mind control. Ms. Marvel tries to attack, but is commanded to freeze and she does. Batgirl is so shocked and confused, that she turns her back on Black Widow, who takes advantage, trapping Batgirl in her web, while Ms. Marvel can do nothing, but watch and beg. Batgirl struggles in the webbing, as Black Widow sprays her with a sleepy spray, Batgirl passed out. Black Widow plays with and explores Batgirl’s limp body as we fade out. We fade back in on both Ms. Marvel and Batgirl sleeping on a bed. Ms. Marvel wakes up 1st and immediately wakes Batgirl. The girls try to escape when Black Widow’s voice fills the room, explaining that they are in an eco-chamber that will emit a torturous sound that will make them crazy and beg to be a part of her team. The heroines are in disbelief as the 1st high pitch squeal resonates from the walls. They try to fight it, they try to escape, but as the squeals continue and Black Widow laughs, they both slowly succumb to noise and pass out cold.

It’s always nice, sometimes, to get a good, full, story with some superheroine action, like this vid here. We’re along for the ride from the phone call reporting the mysterious Black Widow, all the way through to the final knock out for our dynamic duo. We get everything you could expect from a good heroine video, a little combat, some dirty tricks, hypnosis, a failed rescue and of course, the final overall mission failure and capture of our heroines. All the girls here nail their roles perfectly. I love when Keri get hypnotized onto being terrified of the spiders and she’s crying and climbing on the furniture, that was really funny to me and Keri also looked so great in her Ms. Marvel costume. The last scene was also another fun part, as Cali and Keri scramble around trying to find a way out of the echo chamber, that was fun to watch as the soon pass out. We’re also treated the same high pitched noise as they are, and let me tell you, that was quite attention getting and not as much fun. Overall, it was a fun and entertaining superheroine video, I could do without the high pitched noise, but I was happy to watch this story unfold from beginning to end.

Overall score: 8.5/10