Review of Cats in Boots

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsCats in Boots – 22 Mins

BeccaSometimes it doesn’t take much to bring two beautiful girls to duke it out in a cat fight. Becca meets LeAnn to go to lunch and sees that her friend is wearing converse boots similar to hers. The trash talk begins and it escalates to a hair pulling cat fight! The cuties battle it out with some wrestling holds, belly punching, and face punching until one girl ends up knocked. Clothing is removed as the fight progresses with another knockout and more clothing removed! Pretty soon, the girls are in the ring with Becca on the offense, squeezing poor Leann between her thighs. More wrestling holds are used until LeAnn is unconscious on the mat while Becca removes more clothing! But LeAnn wakes up and attacks Becca to deliver her own punishment to the blond. More knockouts ensue but in the end Becca manages to remove LeAnn’s boots, put her own clothes back on and knocks the brunette out again with a reverse figure four head scissors! To bring this amazing battle to an end, Becca hoists the nearly unconscious LeAnn onto her shoulders in an amazing torture rack victory pose!

Now this is a good reason for the girls to break out in fisticuffs! You guys know I love converse boots, so why not fight over who gets to wear them? Not only that but during the back and forth action we are treated to plenty of KOs and the ko’d girl gets her clothing stripped, down to bikinis that conveniently match their boots. Both girls talk plenty of trash and are willing to do anything to regain control, from low blows, to biting. Now, I kind of hoped that Becca would lose this one, but I was not disappointed that LeAnn ending up losing in the end, because both girls sold great and looked even better. As a nice treat at the end, Becca comes back for more after re-dressing herself to knock out LeAnn again and give us a very unique victory pose, where LeAnn is in a torture rack, but is very slightly still struggling. So it looked like she was twitching. I really liked that, it’s not too often that we get any kind of twitching from FWR.

Overall score: 9.5/10