Review of Captain America vs Black Widow

Review of Captain America vs Black Widow – 10 Mins

ashleyThe first avenger Captain America (Ashley Wildcat) is jealous about Black Widow’s (Sarah Brooke) budding relationship with the Hulk and demands she call if off. When Black Widow refuses listing off the reasons he’s better, Captain America becomes enraged. She tackles the trained assassin and makes her tap out, then kiss her feet. Captain America isn’t through yet as she throws Black Widow back to the mats and puts her through brutal submission holds and chokes. She’s thoroughly dominated and left knocked out by a vicious rear naked choke.

More Sarah Brooke guys, I’m telling you, she’s taking over! Haha! This vid had me laughing a number of times. It’s a pretty silly story behind this one as Ashley beats up Sarah for liking The Hulk more than her. The talk between the two is pretty funny as Ashley just hurls insults at Sarah the whole time, while Sarah tries to not admit that Cap is better then Hulk. The moves are pretty good too. We get some scissors and sleepers as well as kicks, punches, a low blow or two and even a little pro style, as Ashley does her best Tiny impression, with a nice wall choke. I love the Cap outfit, Ashley wears it very well and The Black Widow suit isn’t too bad either as it does let us see her feet and some cleavage. It’s a long sleeper at the end that brings the only KO in the vid as well as some great selling from Sarah. Overall, it’s a fun video, Ashley is funny, keeps looking right into the camera like a madwoman and keeps the insults coming. Another good video with Sarah, I wonder where we’ll find her next?

Overall Score: 8.5/10