Review of Candle’s Ragdoll Shoot

Review of Velvets FantasiesCandle’s Ragdoll Shoot – 43 Mins

CandleCandle hires SK to do a photoshoot for her application as a sleepy actress to a website. During the photo shoot however, Candle’s nerves get the best of her and she tenses up while trying to pose. SK has an idea that involves muscle relaxers, but when Candle finds them on her own she takes one too many, which cause her to fall into a deep sleep.  A flustered SK returns to find the now limp model, but his situation worsens when his girlfriend comes home from work.  What follows is a sometimes hilarious adventure featuring Candle as the completely unconscious victim, Sleeperkid as the guy trying to keep her KO’ed existence a secret, and Jacquelyn Velvets as an enraged significant other!

This is another review brought to you by request, but also another classic vid that I haven’t seen I quite a while. Candle Boxxx is a legend in this business, always delivering stunning performances and this is definitely one of those performances. This is a very fun video and also a pretty long one. At just short of 45 mins, this one is fun from beginning to end and allows the time to just fly by. Candle is out cold for 90% of the video, only waking up twice after the pills and chloro initial KO. She makes an excellent ragdoll as, she is carried around, stripped, rolled around on the bed, folded in all sorts of ways and best of all, SK tries to hide her sleeping body from Jacquelyn. Miss Velvets eventually catches him anyway, despite all SK silly attempts at distraction and misdirection, but that only gets her KO’d, stripped and added to the ragdoll party. This is definitely a Velvets Fantasies classic and if you never saw this before, then you need to.

Overall Score: 9.5/10