Review of Candle Boxxx in The Sleepy Files VOL 2

Review of Fun House ClipsCandle Boxxx in The Sleepy Files VOL 2 – 18 mins

This video has 3 short limp play clips all staring Candle Boxxx. Part one, Candle Boxxx in Hot Neighbor Knock Out! My super-hot neighbor Candle Boxxx is total eye candy. Candle had to use my washing machine and dryer so I told my buddy to hide in the garage, she quickly went to the dryer, bending over like a bad girl and my buddy crept up behind her and Chloroformed her. That’s when he started to pull her top up to check out those big tits and did the same with her skirt to see that little thong of hers. After feeling her up a bit he lifted her sexy limp body up on top of the machines for a little more limp play.

Part 2 is Candle & Whitney Morgan in 2 Girls + Wrong House = Limb Play. We just love it when sexy & sweet sales girls come to the house. Especially when I could care less about what they have for sale. Well when Candle Boxxx and Whitney Morgan showed up, I had my buddy knock them out and lay them on the couch then when they wake up, he scares them half to death, making them pass back out. We take their clothes, leaving them in their bra and paint and piling them back on the couch. When they wake up, he scares them again and then carries them to some other seats near by.

Part 3 is Candle Boxxx is K.O. at the Doctor’s Office. Candle Boxxx was having an issue with her hand and goes to the doctor to check it out. When she got in and all settled on his examination table, Doctor Bob started to looking over her paper work as she waited patiently for him. Doctor Bob casually asked her to remove her clothes while waiting. Candle thought that was a bit weird as she was only there to show him her injured hand. But Candle is she started to remove her clothing. The doctor even tried to help her but, they got her sweater stuck over her head somehow and it gave him a good chance to feel her up, by accident of course. So once she was down to her panties and bra, she hopped back on to the table and showed him what was wrong. The doctor got back behind her, he took the opportunity to KO her and now it’s time for some limb play. He moves her around playing with her arms and legs eventually leaving her to sleep on the table.

This is like a sampler style limp play video. There’s no real story behind it, it’s just some great clips of Candle getting knocked out and played with. Part 2 does add the lovely Whitney Morgan, who was great together with Candle. We unfortunately don’t really get to see any good reaction from Candle, because the KOs happen pretty quickly, but she is an outstanding ragdoll. It’s just so good to see her limp and carried around, she is easily a favorite of mine. Another really nice thing about Candle, is her acting, she can be a silly airhead like in part 2 or be convincing aggravated and creeped out, like in part 3. I’ve never see anything close to poor acting from Candle. This would be a good clip if you’ve never seen Candle before, or if you just want to see her in some simple limp play roles.

Overall score: 8.5/10