Review of CALI’S COMEBACKS: matches 6 and 7

Review of CALI’S COMEBACKS: matches 6 and 7 – 12 + 11.5 = 23.5 min

Before i begin, just like SK said, only one of these matches is a real comeback. I’ll start with the easy one 1st.

Cali takes on Kelly and right way Cali takes control. She has no issues taking down Kelly as she toys with Kelly, knocking her out, how ever she feels and Kelly could do nothing to come even close to stopping Cali’s domination. Cali puts and end to Kelly struggles with a very cool looking side neck scissors KO, that started while Kelly was still standing. A quick pin and a victory pose wraps this one up.

Next one is the actual comeback match as Cali takes on The Lovely Lacey. Lacey starts off in control getting a couple of quick KOs on Cali with few submission holds in between. Than Lacey hits a piledriver and goes for the pin. She confidently pulls Cali up before finishing the pin and was too busy running her mouth to notice Cali gathering her strength for a belly punch, than slamming Lacey to the mats. Cali takes full control from here, dominating Lacey with multiple KOs and a few submissions before 2 x-factors put an end to Lacey as Cali once again takes her pin and victory pose.

Funny thing about this one, my favorite thing is, the boots. I love chuck boot so much, i don’t even know why, but I really like the Cali vid because they all have chuck boots on in them. Although when Cali wears her magical low top chucks, she never loses and there is a slight focus on Cali putting her feel on her opponent’s face. I don’t mind that becasue you get great views of her shoes. Like i said, I don’t why i like them so much. Anyway, enough footwear talk, lets get into the combat. I am a huge fan of Kelly, she sells good, but she got a great look and she rolls her eyes good so any time I get a chance to see her get squashed I’m all over it. The Lovely Lacey is one of the few pros that I think really seems to gets what we like to see. She is an awesome seller and I really like her looks too. I’m trying to pick which one of these vids I liked better, but i don’t really know. Kelly is really cute but Lacey sells so good, and Cali loses at 1st in that vid as well…. I think I’ll say the Lacey one was the better one, a few more KOs and both Lacey and Cali are great, winning or losing. Both great vids though, check them out.

Overall Score: 8.5/10