Review of Cali Logan Takes a Beating

Review of Cali’s CustomsCali Logan Takes a Beating – 16 mins

Little Miss Tough Girl, Cali Logan is dressed in a tank top, mini skirt and heels, a fact that isn’t even slightly mentioned as she pokes Lance in the chest, challenging him to a fight. She thought she would have no problem beating him, but he puts her in to all sorts of pro style moves, leaving her begging for mercy. No mercy for this cocky bitch though. After being worn down in camel clutches, boston crabs, full nelsons, back breakers and more, she is finally KO’d by by a piledriver, only to be kicked awake for one more piledriver, just to make sure she’s out.

It’s terribly funny to me that Cali’s in heels and a skit. When I saw this video’s release, I said to myself, “I’ve got to see why she’s fighting in heels.” Thinking that maybe she was minding her own when Lance beats her up for no reason. Turns out its Cali who picks the fight, but no one ever mentions her attire. Cali is way over confident and resilient. It lasts for a little while, even after begged Lance to set her free.  Soon, Cali does loose her confidence and pleads for Lance to stop, telling him he’s won. The only KOs are at the end with back to back piledrivers, but is really cool to see a pro style beatdown on a sexy Cali in heels and skirt.

Overall Score: 8.5/10