Review of Cali Logan in Pervy Intruder’s Plaything

Review of SuperboundCali Logan in Pervy Intruder’s Plaything – 12.5 mins

Gorgeous Cali is at home in the bathroom fixing her hair when a masked intruder comes up behind her and grabs the sexy girl, covering her mouth and going for her busty rack. The petite girl puts up quite a struggle and has to be knocked out with a chemically treated cloth that is smothered over her pretty face until she goes out. He picks her up and plants her on the bathroom counter and fondles her while she’s asleep and goes away for a while and she gets up eventually and tries to shake off the effects of the sleep inducing cloth, but he comes back and grabs her again as she bucks and tries to get away. He spanks and gropes her nice round ass and keeps her restrained by hooking her arms behind her back. Once again the cloth is out and he puts it over her mouth and nose as she is again forced to inhale and go to sleep. He moves her to the toilet where he puts her down and pushes up her dress and fondles her nude breasts until she again starts to come out of the fog and is groggy and has to be handgagged while he keeps playing with her body. The cloth is used to once again smother her back to sleep. She is fondled and left again, but of course she fights the effects and gets up and staggers, using the towel rack for balance, but the creep returns and goes back to spanking and groping her nice ass and fondling her boobs before she again gets knocked out and is pulled out of the room for presumably more perverted happenings!

Another outstanding, simple, perfectly executed, video, the amazing Cali Logan give us an amazing performance in this knockouts vid. I love Cali’s eyerolling and her woozy struggling, she is such a great seller and really knocks this one out of the park. Her amazing body is also display, as this guy shows it off and feels her all over. This video gives us a good mixture of limp play and struggling, white eyes and dizziness and just seeing the beautiful Cali knocked out cold. Overall, this video is spot on, especially with Cali’s amazing selling, it really hard to go wrong.

Overall score: 9.5/10