Review of Cali Logan Destroyed

Review of Hit The Mat – Cali Logan Destroyed – Part 1: 10 + Part 2: 10 = 20 mins

Darrius is shadowboxing when Cali Logan gets the drop on him and makes him her punching bag. Cali beats the crap out of Darrius and has him down on the canvas, half conscious. Suddenly Duncan swoops in for the rescue, attacking Cali as she attacked Darrius. Duncan works the stunned Cali over as Darrius gathers his wits. Once he’s back up the real fun begins, both men pummel Cali mercilessly, mainly aiming for the belly. They keep her in the corner, pin her arms back and knocking her down repeatedly. Darrius and Duncan take turns working her over, picking her up off the mats and hold her up for more punishment. A final tag team KO punch puts Cali out for the night. The boys high five over the fallen attacker, then head out.

Cali asked for this one, she should have know you can’t go around sneak attacking Darrius, thinking to you’re going to get a way with it. He’s partner in crime, Duncan, has always got his back. Once Duncan comes to Darrius’ rescue, its all quickly downhill for Cali. She takes quite a beating as both of them take turns trowing punches and holding her up. Cali sells this awesomely, with really great reactions, puffing her cheeks out and rolling her eyes. She gets plenty of time on the mats, as the boys sometimes continue to attack her on the mats or pick her back out for more beatings. Overall, I love this handicapped. boxing belly beatdown. Great selling from a great looking Cali and of course plenty of great trash talk from Darrius and Duncan.

Overall Score: 9/10