Review of Broken Heel

Review of Sumiko DreamsBroken Heel – 20 mins

The beautiful and confident Sumiko enters the mat room in sunglasses, sexy lace arm sleeves and boots. She’s bragging about her recent victory over Takaiji. Fantasy is lurking in the corner and has heard enough. She finds it comical that the pretty and petite Sumiko considers herself a heel. She demands a match. Sumiko wants nothing to do with Fantasy and continues bragging to the camera. Fantasy uncovers a soaked rag and places it over the Japanese beauty’s nose and mouth. Before Sumiko knows what hit her, she succumbs to vapors. Fantasy strips her down to just panties and bikini top. A series of brutal splashes wake up the sleeping beauty. Fantasy takes full advantage of Sumiko’s weakened state. She sends her to Dreamland several times.  More pain is dished out with a rib crushing body scissors that has the helpless goddess gasping for air. When awake, the desperate beauty tries in vain to escape, only to find herself once again in Fantasy’s clutches. Another meeting with the damp rag puts her out for good, but Fantasy isn’t finished until Sumiko is hog tied.

It’s always great to see an over confident wrestler be put in her place and Sumiko does it so perfectly. She’s so arrogant and disrespectful to Fantasy, you can’t wait to see Fantasy kick her butt. Fantasy is awesome, laughing and talking trash the whole time she’s playing with her new wrestling dummy. Sumiko is the perfect jobber, of course, changing her tone as soon a things go south and selling her destruction perfectly. I was happily surprised when Fantasy took of Sumiko’s Bikini bottoms, it was unexpected and a nice sexy extra. Overall, it’s a great beatdown, plenty of KOs and its always great to see someone putting an arrogant Sumiko in her place.

Overall Score: 9/10