Review of Breaking the love Triangle

Review of Cali’s CustomsBreaking the love Triangle – 9.5 mins

We fade in on Cadence, pacing back and forth waiting for her husband’s mistress, Cali, to show up. When Cali shows up, she gets right to business. They are about to have a fist fight for the rights to Cadence’s no good husband and the house they are standing it. Cali says Cadence’s husband has told her that she can’t fight, so this should be easy for her. Cadence seems a bit nervous, but she’s done talking and ready to get this started. Cali notices Cadence’s ring, she demands she take it off. Cadence turns to put her ring down and Cali uses this moment to take the first shot, grabbing Cadence by the shirt and punching her in jaw. Cadence grabs her jaw in pain as Cali takes this opportunity to press her advantage. Cali lands punch after punch, to the face and stomach and has Cadence stumbling all over the room, and she soon starts to bleed from her nose. This doesn’t slow Cali down as she continues lading punches till another cut starts to bleeding on Cadence’s face. Finally Cadence starts fight back, catching Cali of guard and quickly taking control of the fight. It doesn’t take long for Cali’s nose to start bleeding too as Cadence tries to get some revenge. Cali isn’t about to let Cadence win this fight as she start to fight back. The two trade punches for a little bit, but as their shirts fly open, exposing their topless bodies, it becomes clear that Cali is taking control again. Both girls a beaten and bloody, but Cadence is clearly the worse of the two. Cadence soon can’t stand anymore and is on her knees as Cali prepares to finish her off. Cali stands her back on her feet for the knockout punch that sends Cadence flying into the corner, landing on a stack of boxes out cold. Cali makes sure she’s out could, as the laughs in victory, mocking her as she walks away, leaving the beaten and bloody Cadence to sleep in the corner.

You’ve got to love a good fist fight every now and then. This one does get bloody, which I feel our community is split on. I personally don’t mind the added blood, as long there is some effort in making the blood look realistic and I think this one does that pretty well. The fight itself is very well done. You can tell that Cadence is very nervous about fighting Cali and Cali is pretty over confident. Turns out that Cali’s info on Cadence is pretty solid, Cali is in total control for the majority of the battle, only losing control for a little, just to fight her way back to controlling the battle. Both girls sell this pretty great, although they are pretty quiet during the fight. They both are a little over the top, reeling pretty heavily from each punch. Cadence’s exhaustion is great too, as the end get closer you see her slowly losing her strength. Also both girls’ tops come open near the end, which is a great thing to see, but they just magically end up open. I would have like to see them rip each other’s shirts open instead of just, poof, they’re open. Overall, I’m really happy with the fighting overall and the outcome. The blood’s give or take for me, at least it’s pretty well done. In the end, I’ve just happy to have a solid fist fight vid.

Overall Score: 8.5/10