Review of Brainwash – Season 3 / Side Mission 2

Review of Next Global CrisisBrainwash – Season 3 / Side Mission 2

NGCBluebird has been a Darkheart slave for one year, physically and psychologically broken and almost fully obedient to new mistress Eliza Rose and her formidable subordinate. Can Bluebird escape their daily torture? Or will she be brainwashed forever?!

This video, in the storyline, is the prelude to what happens in “Season 3 / Episode 4 – The Rescue.” Bluebird is in the process of being brainwashed, but she wakes up not remembering what’s going on. Eliza takes the time to remind Bluebird what’s happened to her and what the Darkhearts are plaining to do with her. At the same time she’s also kicking her butt. So we get to see Bluebird beaten up in preset day and in a bunch of flashback that Eliza is explaining. It’s always great to watch Bluebird defeated, she is such an amazing performer. She suffers through a lot of torture, KOs and just general helplessness in this one. So there is plenty of that amazing selling from Bluebird that I am such a huge fan of. It’s also really crazy what’s happening to her. Bluebird is stuck in this loop of forgetting what happened to her, being reminded by Eliza and then KO, drugged and tied back to the chair, just to start it all over again when she wakes up. I really like how this feels like it could totally be a way to brainwash someone and it’s really cool to see how Bluebird is reacting halfway through the process.

Overall Score: 9.5/10