Review of Boxing with Ashley

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBoxing with Ashley – 10.5 mins

Ashley is shadow boxing in the ring as you enter. She’s happy to be getting a boxing match with you and when the bell rings you both go at it, trading punches. She gets the best of you not before long, sending you to the mat with her hard punches, but when she starts taunting you for not being a challenge, you spring into action. Your punches are hard and send Ashley to the mats quickly and repeatedly. You punch her bare belly and face while she’s down and work her over in the corners and on the ropes. Poor Ashley gets groggy and dazed from your onslaught as you toy with her until the final knockout uppercut punch. Ashley hits the ground flat on her back, out cold and doesn’t move a muscle for the easy ten count.

This is my kind of POV boxing vid, I love the comeback aspect, especially this one. You make such a sudden comeback, Ashley is complete caught off guard and is stunned by your power. Her trash talk comes to an abrupt halt as she is quickly in big trouble and knows it. Plenty of great close ups of her dazed face and beautiful belly.  There are no rounds in this one, not sure if I like it better with or without the pause, probably a good idea to switch back and forth. Ashley is an awesome jobber and beautiful. We get a couple of good knock downs  and a great, motionless complete KO at the end. Overall, this is a solid POV vid, with a great comeback story and an awesome KO to a once confident opponent.

Overall Score: 9/10