Review of Boxing for the Belt

Review of Boxing for the Belt – 27.5 min

Becca walks into the ring area to find the challenger for her belt, Keri Spectrum. Keri is quite bigger than Becca, so when Keri turns around to get her gloves, Becca uses her belt to smash Keri in the head. Keri is totally dazed now and Becca press her advantage giving Keri on hell of beatdown outside the ring. After a few KOs, Becca thinks Keri is ready for their match, She puts Keri’s gloves on for her, becasue she KO’d than rolls her in the ring. Than Becca takes off her boots and puts on her gloves. When Becca enters the ring Keri is back up, but still kind of out of it. Much to Becca’s surprise, Keri lands the 1st punch that drops Becca. Becca gets back up quick only to be met with another punch from Keri. Keri presses on getting some good payback on Becca, although you can see that Keri is still exhausted. That catches up with her, just before she can put Becca out, Keri was slow to her feet that gave Becca the chance to take the upper hand again. Keri tries to fight back, but she is just too tired now. Becca has her fun before knocking out Keri. She than gives Keri 10 punches to the face to count her our before taking her victory pose over Keri.

I have been raving lately about how much I love seeing Becca losing, at the same time Keri Spectrum is a long time favorite of mine as well. I couldn’t have asked for a clip the satisfies both sides better. Keri is out if it for the 1st half, which was awesome. The KOs are a little spread out, but Keri being exhausted easily makes up for that. Becca makes a great heel, talking trash and making beating up Keri look easy. Than once the both get the ring, I love that Keri started to fight back, really catching Becca off guard. Even thought Keri was in control for quite some time, the effect of the earlier beating never went away. There’s a great no rules aspect to this match, they use the ropes to hold down their opponents, they fight while they’re both on the floor or in scissors and even a couple of low blows go down. Than to top it all off, when Becca get control back, Keri is super weak and just can’t do anything to stop Becca and the final count out is awesome, finally putting Keri out for the night. Overall, this is one of my favorite boxing vids EVER. All the exhaustion, a couple of great KOs,Keri ALMOST making a comeback, super weak Keri at the end and epic final 10 count are all excellent. An instant classic in my mind, with 2 of my favorite girls, you guys need to check this one out.

Overall Score” 9.5/10