Review of Boxing Endurance

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBoxing Endurance – 15 Mins

SashaSince Shauna and Sasha are known for being able to withstand a lot of punishment before getting knocked out we decided to put them in a boxing endurance contest to see who could last the longest. The rules were simple: Each girl delivered 10 punches to the other then counted to see how long it took for the recipient to fall down unconscious. They used jabs, belly punches, hooks, a patented Fem Wrestling Rooms speedbag facial, and uppercuts. The scores were marked on a board and at the end we added them up, only to find out that the score was tied! So the girls came up with a way to decide the winner … but the only real winner in this boxing contest, is YOU!

This is a perfect idea for a video, especially with this two awesome woman. Although this match is supposed to show their toughness, for us, it’s just a lot of great boxing action, some very good silly reactions and plenty of KOs. I love that they take turns and change the kinds of punches they throw. My favorites being the uppercuts and of course, The Fem Wrestling Rooms, patented, Speed Bag Facial. So we get a pretty equal share of seeing them both dazed for a while and then knocked out. Also the girls keeping their score on the board gives plenty of time to see each girl out on the mats. The final double KO is the only this vid should have ended, I love the simultaneous KO punch, more silly reactions and a nice final KO position. Overall, this basically a highlight reel for all the things I love about boxing vids, face punches, punch drunkenness and knockouts. Added that it stars Sasha and Shauna, two veterans in this business, only sweetens the pot.

Overall Score: 9/10