Review of "Boxing Brunettes" Lia Labowe Vs. Jade Indica

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsBoxing Brunettes – Lia Labowe Vs. Jade Indica – 17 min

In this one we have Lia Labowe going up against Jade Indica in a 3 round boxing match. The girls glove up and the match begins. Round one starts. Off pretty back and forth, but soon it’s clear that jade is in control. The round ends, in what looks to be just in time to save Lia. Round 2 beings and Lia has gained most of her senses back. It doesn’t take long for Lia to take full control of the match. This round too ends just in time, this time saving Jade. Round 3 beings and Jade is still looking pretty punch drunk. Lia takes full control, but somehow Jade just won’t go out. Suddenly, Jade nails a couple of solid punches and Lia goes right out cold. Jade takes her woozy victory pose as the video comes to a close.

I always enjoy a good unexpected ending. Lia, was for the most part, in total control of of this match, with a couple of good punches, Jade turns turns it around, just in time for the win. I love how punch drunk Jade was for most of the match and was still dazed in after she won. I do wish that the final KO had a 10 count or at least a long look at Lia out cold. A few knockdowns along the way would have been good too, as I love the struggle of them trying to beat the count, if there was one. Overall, I love the selling and reactions from both beautiful girls, good length and plenty of action and taunting, but I need a good look at the loser in the end, at least for 10-15 seconds. That’s my only real complaint, solid video otherwise.

Overall score: 8.5/10