Review of Bob Destroys Lil Loca

Review of Fetish AdventuresBob Destroys Lil Loca – 15 mins

Lil Loca thought she was going to kick Bob’s ass after beating Ray but that didn’t happen at all. Bob totally demolishes her with a variety of submission holds almost to the point of passing out. He had no mercy for her screams of agony and even amped up the pain more when he felt like it. The humiliating positions she was put in and he taunted her with it. The fatal ending came when he does his signature NECKBREAK move leaving the victim lifeless on the mats.

This is my second Lil Loca vid, and again, she does a pretty good job of selling her demise. Unfortunately, we don’t get any KOs in this one until the very. Bob is kind of annoying, not seriously annoying, but Reggie is much better with knowing what to say. On the bright side, Loca is topless the whole time and her little thong bikini bottoms struggles to cover what little it does, especially with bob folding her and bending her like he does and the camera seems to be right in there to get all the good shots. Overall, still a decent squash, Lil Loca is a pretty good jobber, who’s pretty flexible, lucky for us and Bob is ok, probably should talk a little less. Out of the two Loca vids, I’d take the KOs and Reggie, over the nudity and Bob.

Overall Score: 8/10