Review of Bluebird Play Dead: Part 1

Review of Next Global CrisisBluebird Play Dead: Part 1 – Season 3 / Bluebird Play Dead: Part 01 – 24.5 Mins

NGCBluebird managed to escape by the skin of her teeth from Samantha Mayflower and Vanguard and immediately went into hiding. Ever the heroine however, she refuses to stay in the shadows and begins to work on a way to bring Vanguard down for good. Using the flat of an unlikely ally to recuperate, train and research the enemy she soon comes across the name ‘Jacob Saint’, the real power in Vanguard. Seeking out an increasingly beleaguered Michael Stiles, after laying the smack down on his bodyguards, she gets more information to help her to track down the head of the evil corporation. Leading to an unforgettable showdown. Bluebird, now back in costume, takes on the incredibly powerful Saint in a brutal battle where she shows her great fighting skills but under-estimates her foe. Saint has the ability to control the body cells of the heroine, leading her into painful perils that she has no answer to. Matters grow worse when Samantha arrives, determined to hammer Bluebird to dust. Our superheroine now faces a 2 on 1 where each opponent appears to be much stronger than she is. She is certainly brave, but perhaps she’d have been better off ‘playing dead’?

As always with Next Global Crisis, I can’t write a review without talking about how great the story telling is. This video is actually a continuation of the Bluebird 2020 series, so if you haven’t seen that yet and want to make sure you don’t miss any of the story or any of the great fights, you better start at the top. The first half of this fills the gap, telling us how Bluebird got from the end of the last 2020 video, to the fight that goes down at the end of this episode. NGC takes their time a really gives us great detail and even a little fight where Bluebird gets to be a badass, which is great and felt like she was an assassin from Assassin’s Creed, with the whole hood thing. Then we get to the main battle and the obvious high point of the video. One of my favorite things about superheroines is their power and better yet powers that can be used to defeat them. This is an awesome power used to take down Bluebird, I’ve never seen anything like it and it was excellently presented and sold by Bluebird. Being able to control every cell in her body lets Jacob control her pain levels, her heart beat, her hearing, all sorts of very interesting thing. All those abilities make for a very brutal beatdown where again Bluebird shows us why she’s a fan favorite at NGC. It’s another outstanding and crushing defeat of Bluebird. She absolutely my favorite at NCG and I cannot wait to see what happens to her next, especially with this awesome power that Jacob has.

Overall Score: 9.5/10